Useful Links

We’ve listed a few useful links below for our members and guests.

  • Phil Unicomb Aviation – Phil Unicomb Aviation operates as an approved remote base for the Manning River Aero Club Part 141 Certificate and conducts flight training from Cessnock aerodrome. Phil Unicomb is the Head of Operations for flight training at both Taree and Cessnock bases.
  • Air Services Australia – AirServices Australia is the body which provides Air Traffic Control at towered airports and in controlled airspace throughout Australia. They also produce all the charts and documentation used by pilots and others in the aviation industry.
  • CASA – The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is the organisation charged with regulating all aviation in Australia, to ensure the safety of the travelling public. Their responsibilities extend to the sport and specialist bodies as well, such as RA-Aus, GFA, ASRA etc.
  • Pilot Briefing – NAIPS Login Page for Pre-Flight Briefing. All the information required for pre-flight planning can be accessed from these pages, including area forecasts and TAFs and METARs for specific aerodromes, and NOTAMS. There are also instructions on how to use each of the various facilities, and Flight Plans or SARtimes can be submitted here. (From 15/4/19, Username: oft and Password: org2800 if you don’t have your own. Be aware that AirServices requires a forced password change every six months.)
  • Australian Transport Safety Board – The Australian Transport Safety Board is Australia’s national transport safety investigator. Investigations seek to identify safety issues and encourage safety action to reduce the risk of future accidents and incidents.
  • Aviation Weather – Bureau of Meteorology produce specific Aviation Weather Forecasts, as well as providing raw data to all the common weather sites – Weatherzone, Elders, Yahoo etc. For flight planning purposes use the AirServices NAIPS site.
  • RA-Aus – Recreational Aviation Australia is the organisation responsible for administering sport or recreational aviation in Australia. They control aircraft construction and registration, pilot training and certification and flying activities on behalf.