Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

If you would like the freedom of traveling anywhere in Australia by aeroplane, the licence you require is a Private Pilot Licence (PPL). This licence is ideal for those who wish to fly with friends or family and not looking at being employed as a pilot.

Medical Requirements

In order to obtain a PPL, you will need to hold a CASA Class 2 Medical Certificate or higher. Once you have the licence you may exercise the privileges of the licence while holding a class 2 medical certificate, basic class 2 medical certificate or a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioners Certificate (RAMPC), the latter two impose some restrictions on operations.

Steps to Achieving a PPL

At this stage, you will already hold an RPL, so now you will be learning how to navigate around the country with reference to maps and the ground. This licence is a lot of fun as you will get to see many parts of Australia from the air including the North Coast, South Coast and Central NSW. You will also be flying into busy airports with Air Traffic Control towers, as well as quiet country grass airstrips.

There are seven navigation exercises to complete, including two solo navigation flights, along with the PPL theory examination before you can undertake your final flight test. For those who want to get ahead with the theory, there are self-study courses available, and your flight instructor can provide one-on-one tuition to support you.

The Manning River Aero Club syllabus for cross-country training for the PPL is 20 flight hours, with 15 hours dual and 5 hours solo including the previously achieved RPL flight hours (or GFPT under the previous CASA licencing system). This will depend on you achieving the required competency standard and the frequency of your flying lessons.


PPL training is conducted in the Club’s C172. Costing is based on the club member rate and the minimum hours required to complete the syllabus and includes:

  • 15 hours dual flight and 5 hours solo flight
  • Landing fees
  • PPL theory study books
  • PPL theory Examination (CASA fee)
  • PPL flight test including CASA licence fee and Flight Examiner fee

PPL in Cessna 172 is approximately $9,400

All flights include pre-flight and post-flight briefings. Extended ground briefings are available to assist with PPL examination preparation at $90 per hour.

Purchase of maps and navigational equipment made directly with supplier by trainee.