Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

If you love flying, then why not turn your passion into a career by training to be a Commercial Pilot? Holding a CPL means that you can be paid to fly and opens the door to a diverse list of career paths including charter pilot, flight instructor, aeromedical pilot, agricultural pilot and airline pilot. Some of these will require additional training, but none can be achieved without a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Medical Requirements

In order to exercise the privileges of your CPL, you will need to hold a CASA Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Steps to Achieving a CPL

Having completed your PPL, it’s time to undertake further navigational training with instruction focused on commercial decision making and commercial scenarios. Your training will also include further training on basic flight skills and aircraft handling to ensure you meet the higher standard required of the holder of a CPL.

There are seven theory examinations you must pass before taking your CPL flight est. The topics include aircraft systems, aerodynamics, flight planning and performance, navigation, meteorology, human factors and air law. There are self-study courses available, and we can provide one-on-one tuition to support your progress.

The minimum flight time required to achieve your CPL is 200 flight hours, including the previously achieved PPL flight hours. This will depend on you achieving the required competency standard and the frequency of your flying lessons.


A training program for the 200hour CPL will be developed with you considering your previous flying hours and experience.

The program will be developed to ensure you meet the required standard for the issue of a CPL and have the minimum 200hours flight time.

You will undertake further training in navigation, including operating to more remote locations, basic instrument flight (a minimum of 10 hours is required) and general handling. The standard required to be demonstrated by a CPL applicant is higher than for PPL, and therefore more demanding.

The cost of training will be based on member dual and solo rates and include pre and post flight briefings. Extended ground briefings to assist with CPL examination preparation will be at $80 per hour.