Night VFR Rating

Prerequisite: PPL

The Night VFR (Visual Flight Rules) rating is designed to provide pilots with the skills required to take-off, navigate and land visually at night. It is ideal in situations where you are departing later in the day and expect to land after nightfall.

Steps to Achieving a Night VFR Rating

The night VFR rating training builds upon your experience gained as a PPL to enhance your skills to fly at night. The training addresses navigation techniques at night, night circuit operations, operational and aircraft equipment requirements and human factors issues associated with night flying including human limitations.

The Manning River Aero Club syllabus for a Night VFR rating is 12.5 hours

  • 2 hours dual night circuits
  • 1 hour of solo night circuits
  • 2 hours dual instrument flight (3 hours required for issue of rating, third hour included in cross country flights)
  • 7. 5 hours of dual cross country


Night VFR training is conducted in the Club’s C172. Costing is based on the club member rate and the minimum hours required to complete the syllabus and includes:

  • 11.5 hours dual flight and 1hour solo flight
  • Landing fees
  • Night VFR study book
  • Night VFR flight test including CASA fee and Flight Examiner fee

Night VFR Package in Cessna 172 is $5,600

All flights include pre-flight and post-flight briefings. Extended ground briefings, if required, are available at $80 per hour.