• Flight Training

    The MRAC is a flying school and Club, located at Taree Airport on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. Whether you want to train for a long and satisfying career or for personal enjoyment, we can assist.

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  • Scenic Flights

    The Manning River Aero Club offers scenic flights over the Manning Valley and Barrington Coast regions. Enjoy spectacular scenery with a bird's eye view of the Manning Valley and Mid North Coast regions.

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  • Aero Club

    The MRAC owns and operates a Cessna 172SP. As a member of the Club, you have the benefit of discount aircraft hire rates, opportunity to participate in club events and access to the recently updated club facilities

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Manning River Aero Club

The Manning River Aero Club was formed in 1960, having transferred its training base from the Old Bar Airstrip to the then new Taree Airport. Initially, training was conducted in the DH-82 Tiger Moth. The club now train pilots in a modern Cessna 172SP aircraft.

We are a member of the Royal Federation of Aero Clubs of Australia, which has a code of reciprocal rights with a network of Aero Clubs that extends throughout Australia. You may also have the opportunity to represent the Club at Light Aircraft Championships which are organised by the Federation and held every year.

The Aero Club is a non-profit making organisation, which means that any surplus funds are re-invested in the Club, its facilities and aeroplanes.

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